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Azar climber

Azar Climber with the aim of improving the level of safety and quality of work at height and providing services in this field, has been working in the country’s construction industry since 2008 and in this direction by establishing relations with Turkey and visiting construction and industrial projects. Finally, by representing KALMAKSAN factory, it has been able to take a firm step in the development of our country’s construction industry in the field of design, construction, installation and commissioning of equipment for access to the facade of high-rise buildings by importing modern knowledge and equipment and international standards to Iran.

 This group, with the help of experts and experienced staff with more than ten years of experience, is proud to produce products including mechanical and electrical climbers.

The building cleaning lifter installation is very easy and has a two-year warranty and 10-year after-sales service.

What is Climber?

The building cleaning lifter, which is better known in Iran as the Climber. It is a device for accessing the height for painting, cementing, washing, maintenance in construction projects, dams, silos, etc. Climbers are produced in various models and capacities that can be easily assembled and as soon as possible Launched.

About our future

The most important of them are portable electric lifters, mechanical portable lifters and monorail lifters. The advantages of lifters are their very high safety, easy use, ease of access to height, suitable capacity for carrying people and cargo, easy installation and movement and economic justification Very conveniently pointed out


This equipment consists of two parts

Holding arms


Platform for transporting

Lifter installation steps

Step # 1

Move the up side baskets to the last roof of the work and place the basket in front of the building with a longitudinal distance and so that the tip of the profile, which has three holes, is located 50 cm outside the support.

Step # 6

Tie the weight of the parachute with a clamp to the tow wire that hangs from the parachute (this wire should always be attached to the weight so that it does not collapse because this wire is for the safety of the device and in case of a problem for the dead wire, this wire is unlocked automatically. Acts and prevents accidents)

Step # 2

Put 300 kg of weight in each basket

Step # 7

Close the handlebars in front of the basket, which has a sliding space, to maintain the distance between the basket and the wall.

Step # 3

Hang the tow ropes from the front screws of the profile.

Step # 8

Connect the climbers to the control box

Step # 4

Close the gearboxes to the front view bask

Step # 9

Connect the control box to 380 V power (it is better to hang the power cable from the last ceiling for safety and caution)

Step # 5

Pass the tow ropes through the parachute and the gearbox itself

Step # 10

Using the control box buttons, you can easily move the Basket up and down

Technical specifications of

Azar Climber

 Gearbox made in Iran with 1.5 kW alternator, three phases and speed of 10 meters per minute and power of 1000 kg, equipped with a getaway – Turkish-made iron parachute, Made in Iran – All-screw iron basket, which is often made with 40 by 40 light iron profiles, with the ability to adjust to even and odd sizes from 1 to 10 meters – Iron roof basket of telescopic design with 4 mm and 2 mm profiles -100 * 100- 90 * 90 – 80 * 80 – 70 * 70 mm – First class tow wire 8.3 mm with building height, load bearing capacity of 4500 kg Made in China – Electrical -panel with 220 V output equipped with phase control and steering switch Single motor for life protection – Cement weight with iron protection 37 kg, 16 pieces – Power cable 4 * 2.5 / 2 to the height of the building


This complex is fully optimized Turkish model and has the necessary standards in terms of safety


Instructions for safe use of the climber

To Avoid pheomenon

Lifeline rope and standard shorts should be used for each person.

The Lifter device is for carrying people and the maximum net and useful power for the user is 500 kg.

Towing wire should never be lubricated.

Make sure that the parachutes lock and work with the following tests:

The first method

Raise the device to a height of 2 meters and turn off the motors one-way and lower the part that is connected to the power to see if the parachute locks when the lifter basket comes out of the level or not. In normal and healthy parachute mode, the parachute lock should operate up to 50 cm when the basket is out of alignment.

The second method

When the lifter basket is sitting on the ground, the parachute tow rope should be locked when you pull the wire from the top of the parachute and release it only when you push the parachute clamp up with your hands.

Release the tow rope, in this case the parachute is perfectly healthy.

Note: Be sure to do this test once a day.

People should get on and off only on the ground.

The climber device is for carrying people and the maximum net and useful power for the user is 500 kg.

The tow ropes that go down from the parachute must be tied to a weight of at least 20 kg so that the tow ropes do not collect by going to the top of the climber device.

It is forbidden to use Lifter when the wind speed is high.

The person who has been trained must move the device.

In case of rain and snow, cover the motors and electrical panel with plastic.